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We offer online media and digital design, we also offer simple web pages, WC.TC domains, e-mails, and web hosting through our membership options, as well as website design and digital design through our affiliates BJC Designs & ArtistsInk.

Please contact us as (831) 331-1113 or hub(at)wc.tc to work out a quote.

The WCTC is a 501(c)3 organization and accepts tax deductible donations.



WCTC Media Hub  http://hub.wc.tc  Voice Mail: (831) 331-1113 hub(at)wc.tc


Our goal is to fundraise money by offering tools and resources to the public to create a media experience through a non-profit organization and network.

The services we offer are also available from companies and for-profit organizations, but by working with us you collectively work with a group of volunteers and you know your money is going towards a good cause.

The WCTC (World Collaborative for Transformative Community) works hard towards seeing a transformed world where our collective communities collaborate with each other for a global transformation towards stability, evolution, and sustainability.

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The WC.TC Media HUB Outlet was founded by Jay (Blas Jacob Cabrera) and Ethan Shenkman.  They worked together to create the HUB with the vision of having a publicly accessible digital design studio, and a Green Copy Program as part of the Wellness Community Transformation Center in downtown Santa Cruz.  When the Wellness Center closed down in the fall of 2008, the Green Copy Program never really took off, and Ethan Shenkman was no longer involved.  Jay was able to keep the Media HUB going as it is primarily based online.  Jay volunteers his time to keep a few websites up and running, but he could use help from other tech savvy volunteers who are willing to volunteer some of their time for a good cause.


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